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Basketball Camp of the Tuscan Archipelago

Toscana Basket Camp, called the Basketball Camp of the Tuscan Archipelago, is now in its thirteenth edition.

As in past seasons, it is dedicated to kids of all ages who play basketball and have the desire to spend the right mix of fun and passion in a unique context, where basketball courts join the beach and the beautiful sea of ​​a location. as enchanting as the Island of Giglio. (nearest airport Pisa).

All this without neglecting the high technical and human quality of a highly tested staff of instructors and coaches, who in addition to spending the sporting season with their teams, manage the groups participating in the Camp with extreme professionalism and experience in the sector.

This context is also open to parents and family members who want to accompany the children to have fun in their favorite sport, taking advantage of the opportunity to spend seven days of vacation on a wonderful island.

As from the 2017 edition, the A.S.D. Giglio Pallacanestro ( Sport Association Giglio Basket) by Andrea Falleni, creator of the BASKETBALL CAMP of the TUSCAN ARCHIPELAGO to organize the event; the motivation of the name of the company is due to the strong bond that the physical trainer has with this "island" of which he is a native.

The organizing staff is that of the previous nine years, a consolidated and tested group that Falleni together with the "twin" Verdile, increases every year by selecting new instructors and coaches to raise the technical rate of the event more and more.

Since 2017 Professor Maurizio Mondoni has been on the staff, a true "totem" of minibasketball not only in Italy but also in Europe.

Trainer of international level, he has chosen to marry the Giglio camp to pass on his knowledge in the sector.

Registrations are open until 03/31/2024 or while seats last.

To register, download the forms in pdf format in the appropriate "Registration" space at the bottom of the page, by clicking on the download button.

The Basketball Camp of the Tuscan Archipelago has solutions for all needs.

Have fun everyone and we are waiting for you to share with us a week immersed in A SEA OF BASKETS.

A.S.D. Polisportiva Giglio P.Iva 01860010493

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